Daniela Serruya Kohn

Art as a bridge.  Create and cross its fields.

An ancestral kitchen offers living food.

Mixed milenar techniques to produce paper. Sometimes support, now as an object. The making process of relational objects with bacterial cellulose made with foodwaste is an experience with different possibilities.

Download TRANSKITCHEN pdf map here.

Peels to feed living dreams. 

Carry out the ideas and establish a conversation with nature.

Observe the existence of microorganisms, cultivate without colonizing them. Interact and learn with the rhythm of the microcosm about the transformation of materials and time.

How to make it visible?

Fermentation and poetry walk on the same ground.

A new map. 

A leaf grows by coexisting bacteria.

Creative living beings from peel to piece.

Download BANANA MANUAL pdf here.